A Workforce Safety and Incident Management Platform

A versatile and reliable way to locate users, identify emergency events, communicate globally, and respond effectively.

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Critical incidents occur regularly, ranging from environmental disasters, workplace violence, and terrorism to power outages, critical equipment failures, and cyber-attacks. These disrupt supply chains and threaten global operations, personnel safety and brand reputation.

Locate Global technology allows organisations to locate, monitor, protect and communicate, with lone workers and mobile employees, anywhere in the world.

Our Technology

Global workforce visibility

Visualise your entire global workforce and any incidents in one place, regardless of location. Quickly locate users, identify emergency events, define incident zones and initiate critical tasks instantly, communicating to those affected.


Safeguard your people

Locate employees and track meetings and journeys to manage risk. Fast alerts turn smartphones into a powerful safety tool as employees can raise alerts. GEO smart targeting allows you to define areas, search for users, and direct communications. Detailed user profiles allow access to critical information instantly.


Incident management

When an incident occurs locate people immediately within the vicinity of impact and safeguard those at risk. A simple shake of a user’s phone alerts all emergency contacts. Vital information, user location, captured video and audio, is displayed for an efficient response. Peer to peer reporting enables employees to report non-urgent safety concerns and heatmaps identify patterns, providing valuable insights into the health of your organisation.

Communicate with your people

In the event of an incident, communications need to be fast, reliable and consistent. Multi channel communication creates clear lines of instant communication for a mobile workforce. Readily share routine or emergency communications with employees globally or within a specific geographic area.


Respond to your people

Manage all incidents and users from our central cloud-based dashboard, with pinpoint accuracy so you can make critical decisions within moments of an event occurring, initiating the right response and communicating to the right people. Improve and customise your incident response with Incidents audits analysis tools.


The Platform

Powerful dashboard

Make critical decisions fast with a central cloud-based dashboard for initiating all key functions, collating all data, managing and responding to all users and incidents to keep your people safe. Monitor, communicate, manage, respond and review from this central hub.

Engineered simplicity

The latest technology and an intuitive user interface combine to make safety easy to manage. It’s easy to access employee telemetry data, such as battery level, signal accuracy and connected wearables, to ensure safety is not disrupted. Locate Global is robust, accurate and easy to use.

Scalable infrastructure

Our platform is specifically designed to manage increased demand to meet the changing needs of your organisation. Flexibly upscale from 1,000 to 100,000 users with ease. We use highly secure web services, and can quickly increase storage and servers to meet the growing demands of your data.

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis tools give you comprehensive user behaviour data, so you know exactly who is using the platform and how, what types of incidents are being raised, how long it takes to respond and resolve issues. Spikes and trends are documented, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Intuitive user interface

Our solution combines cutting-edge technology with optimum user experience and the highest levels of data protection. The flexible, intuitive, and easy to use interface empowers you with global workforce visibility and communications tools, ensuring robust workforce safety, emergency management and response capability.

Our Apps

We build, customise and brand apps to your specific business needs. Our expertly developed mobile apps can be downloaded and activated on a user’s smartphones or tablet, and use the latest GPS technology. Our smartphone apps operate in the background of any iOS or Android device, with minimal impact on battery performance.

Whether looking to establish lone worker monitoring or ensure the safety of travelling healthcare workers, organizations across the globe trust our technology to keep their people safe. Each industry has a unique way of working. Click here to explore the different ways various sectors use our incident management, compliance and operational safety solutions.


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Our main app for workforce safety, incident management, communications, and responses.

Developed for lone workers, a response app for managing and dispatching resources.

Created in response to the COVID Pandemic to connect people with crisis communications.

Our Integrations

Our cloud-based platform’s eco-system is built around world class software and offers boundless possibilities for integration and synchronisation with third-party data and systems through Rich APIs. This gives flexibility to deliver specific functions that your business really needs.

Locate TRS

For tailored risk summaries supporting safe travel to 225 countries.

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Locate React


For enhanced understanding and monitoring of threats, globally.

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Our Devices

Locate Global has range of dedicated devices which offer an alternative way to ensure employee safety ranging from blue tooth buttons and wearables to trackers and satellite handheld devices for those working in remote regions. These can be tailored to suit your working environment, depending on your industry sector.

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