Statistical analysis

Combine data and behavior to make informed decisions
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Statistical reporting platform

Maybe you need to understand the behavior of your users. Perhaps you have to prove performance against KPIs or industry standards. Or you might just want to generate statistical reports to share with relevant stakeholders. Whatever your requirement, the Locate Global platform can help you find and analyze the detailed information that you need to help keep people safe.

Our statistical analysis tools can give you comprehensive user behavior data, so you know exactly who is using the platform and how. It can show what types of incidents are being raised, and how long it takes to resolve the issue. It also looks at the performance of your responders, so you can see if incidents are being dealt with correctly, as well as identifying any spikes in incidents that mean your responders need more support.

Whatever data is required, the platform can be setup to gather the statistics (either automatically or manually) and present them in different ways – such as graphs, .CSV files or directly into your databases using one of our smart APIs.

How can you use this data?

Our platform is designed to be flexible to your specific requirements, so the ways to use your statistical data are endless. However, here are some examples of how you could use this information to make informed decisions or change the way you do things, fast.

  • Do certain users always raise incidents at one particular location because they feel intimidated? Consider providing those individuals with training that could help, or change how that work is conducted. It could be as simple as working in pairs or attending at a different time.
  • Is only a small percentage of users logging on? Maybe they need a reminder to use the platform and training on how it can help them?
  • Are certain incidents taking too long to resolve? If so, perhaps you could change your internal process or integrate with a third-party system to make things move quicker.
  • Do particular people doing certain tasks raise a lot of false alerts? You may need to adjust your settings or give the user more training on how to use the app.