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Access critical information instantly

Having up to date information about your employees at your fingertips is essential if an incident occurs and you need to arrange help from the emergency services or first responders. Our Locate Global cloud-based platform enables your organization to keep people safe thanks to its ability to keep highly detailed user profiles, customized to your specific requirements, in one central location.

For large organizations, being able to find critical information instantly can make your response to an incident more effective and efficient. We help you to take action quicker, and to tailor your response to the needs of the specific individual.

No longer do you need to save details about your employees across multiple databases in different departments. Our Locate Global solution allows you to pull information from your databases to create detailed, customized user profiles, and to store this information in one central, easily accessed location. All data in our cloud-based platform is highly secure, and we can also replicate your own data privacy policies as needed.

Why type of information?

You may already have a record or database of your employees’ names, dates of birth and contact details. But in the event of an incident, so much more is needed to coordinate a response and keep them safe.

Our solution enables you to create customized user profiles with whatever information will best support and improve your risk and incident management process and give very detailed information to the emergency services or first responders.

Details captured could include next of kin details, user descriptions and photos, work ID details, vehicle in use information, work itinerary, medical information, manager and department details, equipment that they have, and much more.