Peer-to-peer reporting

Because maintaining employee safety and security is about more than life threatening situations
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Important information from employees everywhere

Although having systems that support a robust response to critical incidents and emergencies is vitally important, employees may also encounter non-urgent safety concerns day to day. To protect your people, these may need action too.

In addition to providing an effective system for raising alerts, the Locate Global app enables employees to report safety related information that is not life threatening. This encourages dialog and gives your organization important insight from those ‘on the ground’ as well as the opportunity to act on the information as required.

These reported problems – which includes time, date and location information – are also prioritiszd accordingly within your dashboard, ensuring that you deal with real emergencies or urgent incidents first.

How it works

Your organization can select which types of reports you want to enable. Then, employees can simply submit their reports from the app. Reports can be submitted anonymously if required and are date and geo-stamped to show the location of the issue.

Reports can be set up for anything that is helpful for your organization in keeping people safe. This could be everything from reporting bullying, harassment or health updates to problems at home, such as having no internet connection. It can also be used to highlight issues such as an equipment malfunction, a broken window, power cuts or a roadblock.

Information from these reports can then produce a visual heatmap displayed in the dashboard, so you can see if any of the problems are particularly prevalent in a certain location and take action.