Powerful dashboard

Make critical decisions fast with a central cloud-based dashboard for managing all users and incidents.
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Simplify incident response

The user-friendly Locate Global dashboard is the hub from which you can initiate all key functions and see the data that helps you to keep your people safe, wherever they are.

With a real-time view of all your users and incidents globally, you can initiate a response from anywhere. It also offers advanced incident filtering, incident history and evidence, as well as access to detailed user profiles – everything you need is in one place.

Multi-channel communications, geo-smart targeted messaging and peer to peer reporting, keep you and your employees connected, while the tool captures all activity offering powerful reporting, statistics and post incident audit capability.

For total security, data in the system is highly protected. You can also choose exactly what information you want to display throughout your dashboard and keep full control of who is authorized to see information or take action.

Key dashboard functions

Store and see all vital details of users in one place, including medical history, company details, vehicle registration, next of kin, and much more.

View all users on a map or the alerts area, where they are filtered by priority and activity, such as active incidents and users with shared journeys or meeting timers. If alerts are raised, use an advanced filter to prioritize which incidents need a response most urgently.

When an alert is raised, use the dashboard to access all the critical information you need in one location, including address, what3words location, when the alert was raised and how – through a smartphone shake, wearable Bluetooth button or duress pin code. See user’s telemetry data, including battery level, signal accuracy and connected wearables.

View user history and identify incident trends based on user behavior, as well as locations and scenarios. Generate data-rich incident reports with whatever information you need to include.

Improve knowledge of high-risk areas by analyzing inputs from peer to peer reporting of non life-threatening risk and hazard information. Use this same feature to understand the current state of play and how this may affect your current operation, from road closures and weather conditions to wellbeing issues.

See what you need simply and visually with heatmaps, easily created and tailored (for instance to specific locations) using report data from the dashboard.