Supporting your
right to feel safe

Technology designed to support workforce safety and emergency incident management

Supporting your fundamental right to feel safe

Complete workforce safety with one click

Adopt innovative technology to safeguard your entire workforce. Stay ahead with real-time location tracking,
intelligent GEO targeting, and multi-channel communication for prompt incident response.

Boost your emergency management

Equip your team with modern safety tools, including shake-triggered alerts and peer reporting. Improve emergency
response with instant location data, video and audio, while utilising heat map insights to reinforce safety protocols.

Upgrade your safety culture

Optimise safety and decision-making through our centralised cloud dashboard. Benefit from streamlined incident
management, targeted communication, and incident audit analysis tools, fostering a proactive, safety-conscious culture.

Lone Worker

Safeguard and monitor lone workers with emergency alerts and man down features.

Remote Worker

Monitor and track journeys, protecting isolated employees in remote locations.

Global Traveller

Locate and monitor your mobile workforce, globally.


Communicate critical information and updates to homeworkers.


Protect students on and off campus with a full end-end solution for personal safety.

Designed to fit safety requirements across all industries

Organisations across the globe trust our technology to keep their people, and their operations, safe.

Working with
cutting edge

One Platform. Multiple Integrations. Trusted technologies for the safest solutions.

Supporting your fundamental right to feel safe