Scalable infrastructure

Geared up to meet the changing needs of your organization, and the growing demands of your data.
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Flexible. Scalable. Secure

No matter how your organization grows and evolves, or where work takes you, our cloud-based solution allows you to manage incidents from anywhere in the world.

Our Locate Global platform is specifically designed to grow and manage increased demand whenever you need it. Through this scalability, the platform can grow with you without incurring expensive additional setup costs, and you can benefit from flexible options that meet your needs

Our platform enables you to scale your data storage capacity up and down as demand changes – if you need to increase from 1000 to 100,000 users, we can do that in an instant. The architecture of our system is designed and built to handle bursts of traffic and heavy workloads. This means that you don’t have to worry about performance and can instead focus on the important tasks of managing employee safety and responding to incidents.

Better data management

The scalable cloud-based infrastructure of the Locate Global platform easily accommodates your data growth requirements. We continually optimize the data requirements for our platform to work at peak performance, monitoring and adjusting our server performance.

Scaling up in the cloud gives you more flexibility. Our platform uses Amazon Web Services to provide a safe and secure environment that is ideal for quickly meeting your needs as your quantity of data increases. When business demands are increasing, we can easily add storage space, or you can increase the number of servers we use. We can also delete data which is redundant or not needed for data privacy reasons.

If required, we can work together so that you can store user data on your own servers. With robust tech solutions, we can also use APIs to gather and synchronize data from your systems, making updating and deleting data automatic to increase efficiency.