Rich APIs

Flexible integrations to meet your organization’s needs
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World class software and user experience

The entire ecosystem of the Locate Global app-based platform is built around world class software and integration, providing flexibility to create geographical enabled solutions to meet your needs. We are technology agnostic, and our open architecture enables integration and synchronization with third-party data and systems.

Access to our existing integrations with our trusted partners, connects you to best in class solutions from the world of technology. Or, if you require a certain type of data or system integration to help safeguard your people, we can personalize your user experience.

Not only does our platform enable you to access your data from various platforms via rich APIs, you’ll also get the most from your legacy data and existing systems by benefiting from our central dashboards user friendly interface.

How can APIs help you?

Every organization is different, which means that what you need to help keep people safe and connected differs too.

The opportunities for integrations with our APIs are extensive. In many cases they have been shown to not only support safety, but, in the case of legacy systems, also prove more cost effective and less disruptive than implementing entirely new solutions.

Here are just a few examples of how you could customize your experience.

  • See extreme weather conditions on the dashboard to alert your employees of danger or impact to their work
  • Add your own maps to show critical work locations or facilitate tracking to calculate mileage expenses
  • Pull data from emerging smart technology (such as a heart rate or body temperature sensors, or air quality monitors) and automate alerts to employees if risk is indicated
  • Automatically import work schedules into the app and track progress and location during the working day
  • Track vehicles or individual movements to aid payroll or time keeping
  • Integrate with indoor beacons to understand exactly where employees are or to track footfall to particular locations