Fast alerts

Turning a smartphone into an extra layer of protection for employees in trouble
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Immediate alerts when it really counts

Our Locate Global apps ensure that your employees can let you know immediately if they are in trouble. Our app-based technology transforms any smartphone into a powerful safety tool with a number of different ways that users can raise an alert. Depending on your preferences, users can instantly alert all relevant stakeholders to an incident. Alerts can even be raised when the app is running in the background.

Our solution gives you live intelligence of any developing incidents as well as real-time monitoring of users and the ability to see incidents on a map, helping you to improve your response capability. All the information you need can be seen on our powerful, cloud-based dashboard.

Every organization is different, so our solution has room to create custom incident and emergency categories, so you can respond to incidents effectively.  Employees can also use the peer to peer reporting functionality within the app to report non-emergency information that could affect your operation. Every critical action is recorded within the platform, supporting post-incident analysis.

How it works

Depending on your specific requirements, app users have various ways to raise an alert. For instance, shaking the phone for four to five seconds, holding the app screen for four seconds or pressing the volume key four times.

Our smart technology enables other alerts to be triggered automatically. Our ‘man down’ and ‘sign of life’ features use the phone’s sensors to raise an incident if there is a sudden impact, free fall or the user does not move for a period of time.

With our app, users can also set a timer if they are going to a meeting or to a risky situation or location. If they do not switch the timer off after a set duration, it will raise an alert. Similarly, your employees can share journey details and set timers so that if they have not arrived by a certain time, an incident is raised to the dashboard.  Setting journeys and meeting timers also prompts SMS and email notifications to relevant stakeholders, so that you’re clear on what is happening and when.

Regardless of how the alert is raised, the dashboard is set to receive details of the user’s location and captured video and audio. Our cloud-based dashboard will display all vital information and if required, notify relevant stakeholders or emergency contacts via email and SMS.