Incident audits

Learn from the past to improve your incident response
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Post-incident analysis tools

When it comes to keeping employees safe and ensuring that a duty of care is maintained, looking to how things have, or haven’t, been done well in the past can be extremely helpful in informing how significant events and incidents are handled in the future.

For this reason, the Locate Global platform allows you to analyze the complete lifecycle of each incident, from when an alert was raised by the user, to the completion of the incident when it was closed or resolved. All actions undertaken within the dashboard are recorded and a complete timeline is compiled.

With this valuable data, you can conduct detailed post-incident analysis, uncovering insights to help improve your incident response in future.

What information is captured?

Our cloud-based platform includes a user-friendly dashboard that gives you fast access to the information you need. To support post event analysis, this includes:

  • When the user logged in
  • Where the incident has taken place – address and what3words location
  • Breadcrumb trails of user’s locations before the alert was raised
  • Time elapsed until the acknowledgment of the incident through the dashboard
  • Which operator the incident was assigned to
  • The current status of the incident (Active, Assigned or Closed)
  • The time elapsed between when the incident was generated and its closure
  • How the incident alert was generated by the user
  • If stakeholders were notified
  • All the actions and steps taken during the incident

The post incident audit and the underlying data can also be easily downloaded to share with stakeholders, or periodic delivery of the report to stakeholders can be scheduled directly from the dashboard.

For optimum accuracy, operators and administrators cannot delete data or timelines from the platform. However, if you need changes made to your data, we ensure that this is recorded with all key details (who, what and when). Your deleted information is also safely stored in case it is needed again.