The platform for local
Government lone workers

“Safeguarding our workers is an essential part of our commitment in providing an environment where staff feel safe and protected when working on the front line. It is imperative all of our staff are fully equipped with a functional, It is important for us to implement an easy to use platform which allows them our staff to raise an alerts in the event of an emergency.”

Health and Safety Coordinator

The scenario

Enhanced measures were required after a serious incident involving a breach at a local government building, impacting several social workers. Our platform Locate Global became a reliable communication tool, essential to the organization’s operations, providing stability during a concerning time.

Industry: Local Government

Location: New Zealand

Outcome: A reliable communication tool that’s an essential part of its operational infrastructure

How Locate Global helps

Using GPS, the Locate Global smartphone app is used to monitor community outreach workers who often work alone and in remote locations. This includes social workers on home visits, community mental health workers, transport care services, occupational therapists and those working in child protection.

The app also features a range of alerts which workers can discretely activate if they find themselves at risk, so action can be taken.

Benefits of the Locate Global platform

With the app, social services can now keep track of employee whereabouts using the cloud-based platform which accurately locates workers on a map and provides real-time updates on their location.

A wearable Bluetooth button puts personal safety at workers’ fingertips and removes the need to use their smartphone to activate an alert.

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