A trusted team with game changing solutions, for when it really counts.

Your partner in safety and resilience

Our reliable cloud-based incident management platform was founded with one goal: to help organizations keep their people and operations safe 24/7, anywhere in the world.

We understand that keeping your people connected and protected can be challenging. That’s why our team combines decades of security know-how with the latest smart technology, developed to be as effective as it is intuitive.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, or where your people are, you can rely on our solutions and trusted team for support.

Our leadership team

Riz Omar

Riz Omar

Chief Operating Officer

Riz has a wealth of experience gained over 19 years of working within the security industry. He started his career at the Home Office, Policing Crime Reduction Group, and is also an associate lecturer on the Security Risk Management Course and their MBA pathway. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the threats, risks and hazards faced by organizations, employees and business travelers across the globe. Riz launched and developed the Locate Global platform and is expertly placed to direct and oversee all operational policies, initiatives and ongoing product development in line with evolving market trends.

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Celine Murphy

Celine Murphy

Non Executive Director

Celine has more than 12 years’ experience in achieving corporate growth through the delivery of successful development strategies for a British plc. After this, Celine co-founded and set up Priavo Security, a travel risk management company, now successfully trading into its 8th year. Working at Board level, Celine’s clear communication style has enabled her to achieve business goals consistently. She is directly responsible for Locate Global’s financial and commercial direction, driving effective global growth strategies in partnership with our clients and suppliers.

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Pete Murphy

Pete Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Pete has extensive operational experience having organised and led high-profile security tasks for private, corporate and government clients across the globe. He has 20 years’ experience working with various international military and civilian agencies after a commendable service within the Special Boat Service and Royal Marines. Pete is a true leader within the security field and his extensive global network of contacts and liaisons allows Locate Global to be continually resourceful wherever it operates. He is directly responsible for the overall direction of Locate Global.

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Our mission

To help organizations across the globe in any industry keep their people safe, through a user-friendly, cloud-based platform that evolves to cater to the changing needs of businesses and the world around us.

  • Inspire mindset change to prioritize personal safety and organizational resilience
  • Connect people simply through leading technology and reliable infrastructure
  • Provide threat detection, incident management and global communications
  • Deliver the toolkit needed for a proactive and integrated response

Our vision

To create a positive safety culture within organizations globally. We want to help make every employee and traveler feel safe, 24/7, anywhere, no matter what their situation.

  • Safer global business travel
  • Responsive and responsible employers
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Better incident management and decision making

Our history

Jan 2012

 Priavo Security – a global private security and travel risk management firm – incorporated.

Dec 2015

Priavo identifies need for enhanced Travel Risk Management capability and researches traveler tracking platforms.

July 2016

Riz Omar, Global Operations Director head hunted to research, develop and launch traveler tracking technology.

Dec 2016

Tech partner sourced, and solution funded.

May 2017

Initial platform rollout with Beta tests a resounding success.

July 2017

Priavo adds Locate Global into all international security operations, adding a new layer of security for its clients.

Jan 2018

Locate Respond App Beta tested.

May 2018

One year on, travelers, employees, operations and responders enjoy seamless interconnectivity.

May 2018

Locate Respond launches, for tracking, dispatch and management of global assets

Nov 2018

Research and development takes place to enhance and optimize Locate Global.

Feb 2019

New features developed and new integrations with Tech Partners take place, including What3Words, Indoor Positioning Beacons researched and satellite integration.

Mar 2019

New functionality added, improving customization, UX and peer to peer reporting, plus software updates for iOS and Android.

Aug 2019

New wearable technology option added by Flic, which achieves huge uptake within the healthcare sector.

March 2020

Priavo incorporates Locate Global as new company, due to growing global success. Locate Connect launched in response to Covid-19 pandemic.

April 2020

Locate Global rebranded and relaunched, including new website.

May 2020

Locate Respond becomes Locate React, for streamlining vital operations and reporting.