Frequently Asked Questions


Can the platform be used globally?

Yes, your team can manage incidents and users remotely or on the move. The Locate Global platform is cloud-based, it is designed to be accessed and manged from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Can Locate Global be deployed quickly?

Yes, our locate global platform is designed to be deployed quickly.

Once our customers have decided on their configuration parameters for the platform and mobile apps, we can implement all aspects of deployment and user onboarding within a matter of days.

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Can we choose which standard features are available to use within the platform?

Yes, when setting up the platform you choose which of our standard features are included within the platform and our mobile applications.

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How do you onboard and manage Locate Global users?

Our platform is designed to manage individual and multiple users at the same time. Onboarding can be as simple as uploading user details into the platform, from which the receive a SMS to register and download the application.   

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Do you charge for individual multi-channel communication or mass notifications messages?

No, unlike some of our competitors we do not charge for any SMS, Emails or Push messages or notifications that are sent through our platform (fair usage terms apply).

Which browser do you recommend using with Locate Global?

The platform can be used with any browser, but for the best experience we recommend using Google Chrome.

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Can we control who has access to the dashboard?

Absolutely yes, we have easy to use hierarchal system based on users’ roles, allowing you to manage administration rights for everyone and enables you to choose the levels of access and types of information they are able to access.

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Do you provide training for the platform?

All our products include our standard training, typically conducted with stakeholders through webinars and/or in person. We supply all our products with training collateral, user manuals and if needed provide online train the trainer sessions. We can also design and produce bespoke training and collateral including, bespoke videos, training material and information websites. 

If you require some more help, our support team are always available to walk you through any aspects of the platform, dashboard or our mobile applications.

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How do you view incidents and users of Locate Global mobile App?

The user-friendly dashboard provides a real-time view of all your mobile application users and incidents globally. The locate global app utilises the mobile devices GPS chipset to determine user’s exact location and display this within dashboard’s map and alert management page (the stack).

The dashboard shows the user’s longitude and latitude coordinates, google address details and [what3words] address

To further protect privacy of user’s organisations can enable the applications cloaking feature, once enabled will not provide real-time locations within the dashboard and only display the user’s location details once they raise an alert or incident.

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Can we use Geofences to mark locations and define areas within the platform?

Yes, you are able to use geofences in the Locate Global platform. We use this technology in a number of ways and have called this feature Geo-smart targeting.

With Geo-smart targeting, you can define areas and then search for users or send communications based on these specific geographic locations. This feature also enables you to send pre-generated messages to users instantly on entering a designated zone, which can be invaluable for keeping people safe in dangerous locations.

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How is the platform purchased?

No matter the size of your organisation we have the right solution for you. Locate Global is available trough easy subscriptions or by purchasing an Enterprise licence.

Subscriptions of our ‘off the shelf’ product Locate Pro is offered on an annual term, calculated on the number of end users, and charged on a monthly basis (minimum charges may apply). Locate Enterprise licenses are provided to organisations annually, allowing them to use the platform as they wish across their company regardless of the number of individual end users.

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Can we purchase a self-branded or white labelled platform or apps?

Absolutely, anyone can additionally purchase a rebranded version of all our apps and platform. We also provide reseller licences allowing organisations to resell our products through their own networks.

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Can we customise the platform?

Our ‘off the shelf’ products allow some standard features and functions to be customised. Plus, all our customers can benefit from our native integrations. Any new development or customisations/ integrations to the platform or apps may incur additional charges.

Enterprise licenses gives our customers most flexibility to bespoke platform and app features, customisations and new integrations. We provide easy to understand costs when it comes to additional development. In all cases we provide customers with a clear scope of works with costs and will not proceed with any additional work until we receive a go-ahead by the client.

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How many users can the platform have on at any one time?

Our platform performance is not limited by the number of users and our platform is regularly stress tested to accommodate tens of thousands of users at the same time. We continuously review our platforms optimisation and the most efficient ways to manage the data without it impacting our customers experience.

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How do you keep our data safe?

Protecting our and our customers data is paramount, and we utilise a number of protocols to protect the Locate Global infrastructure as well as encrypting all data transferred between our platform, servers and the messages.

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Where is the user data stored?

Currently we utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store data. Or customers can choose to store their user data on their own servers or within their own data centres.

We can also pull data directly from customer databases, further limiting the amount of data held by our servers.

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What type of data do you store and for how long?

Locate Global does not require extensive amounts of data to be held to operate. We only use data that is provided by the customer and users for the optimal operation of the platform and its applications.

We do not pass on any data to third parties or use it within our marketing. We also have strict policies and protocols in place to restrict access to client and user data across the whole organisation.

Our clients can choose the types and the length of time personal data held on our servers.  Additionally, customers are able to set parameters on how this data is managed by Locate Global. If required, we can setup automatic process’s for regular deletion.

The types of personal data that we may store include users and emergency contact, full name, phone number, email address and date of birth. 

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Mobile applications

Which mobile operating systems is the locate global available on?

Locate global is available on all mobile operating systems including IOS, Android, windows and on BlackBerry.

Locate react application is currently only available on Android mobile devices.

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Which cellular networks does your applications work with?

Our applications are able to work with any cellular network globally.

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Are Locate Global applications available in different languages?

Yes. You can use our text string documents to provide locate global in additional languages. Our apps are currently available in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Czech, and Brazilian Portuguese.

How do the mobile applications impact battery life of a mobile device?

Like all applications, the App will affect your battery life. An exact percentage depends on a variety of factors, including hardware and operating system. On average, depending on the usage the App will decrease your battery by 5% on your daily usage.

Do the locate global applications impact smart device memory?

No, apart from the app no data is stored on the device itself, instead, it is uploaded to the cloud in real-time.

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Do the mobile applications use a lot of mobile data?

No. Our App have been designed to use “as and when” basis, having a minimal effect on mobile data usage. While in tracking mode the mobile data usage is negligible, and 3 ten-second video clips are just under 1Mb.

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Do the mobile applications require a data connection to work?

Yes. Any smart device which is used must have some cellular data connection in order for our application to work. Our apps work with any data connection, ranging from GPRS to 5G, as well as WiFi. Our apps will work both in and outdoors, so long as there is a battery charge and a data connection.

There are many ways to enhance our applications connectivity from utilising cellular boosters or repeaters in vehicles or pairing with satellite communication devices outdoors in remote areas.

The ability to provide a precise GPS coordinates while indoors depends on the network provider and location. If required we can utilise indoor beacons to increase connectivity for enhanced indoor positioning.

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How do users raise alerts or incidents via the mobile application?

There are multiple ways users can choose to raise an alert or incidents via the locate global mobile application.

Alerts & incidents can be raised by either shaking the phone or pressing and holding the sos button. Users can also use a paired wearable device to raise an alert. The activation method can be set and changed through in app Settings

Other ways users can raise an alert or incidents via the app:

  • Utilising the apps Timer or Journey feature
  • Man down function
  • Soft alert – if setup you can raise an alert using the volume control buttons

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What Is the Man-down feature?

The Man-down feature provides an extra level of protection to users who work in high-risk areas alone and may be vulnerable to personal injury and other hazards.

This app feature notifies your emergency contacts and the [dashboard] if the mobile device detects sudden impact or collision, freefall or if no movement is detected for a designated time. This app feature can be easily turned on or off through in app Settings.

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What happens when I raise an Alert?

Once an Alert or Incident is raised from the Locate Global App, it sends that alert to the dashboard and any active emergency contacts simultaneously.

Alerts received within the dashboard contain vital information to help the user as quickly as possible such as

  • when the user raised the Alert
  • how the Alert was raised
  • users contact details and any other vital information
  • displays any uploaded audio/videos

Emergency contacts will also receive an SMS and email containing a link to view your location, contact information and any uploaded audio/videos.

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