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A versatile way to locate users, identify emergency events, communicate globally, and respond effectively

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Customisable mobile technology to suit safety challenges and specific business needs

Send emergency alerts

SOS Alerts can be raised by a variety of different methods within the application. This provides users with multiple channels to seek help, including manual triggers, location-based triggers, and integration with wearable devices.

Automated ‘man-down’ triggers

Automatically detect freefall, impact, or non-movement to raise an emergency alert. This ensures immediate assistance can be dispatched in critical situations, such as accidents or personal safety threats.

Report operational risks

Identify hazards and risks encountered in day-to-day operations through reporting. This enables proactive mitigation measures to be implemented and promotes a safer work environment for employees.

Monitor meetings and journeys

Follow meetings and track journeys as they happen, with timer functions, by allowing individuals to share their location and progress with trusted contacts or security personnel. This ensures well-being and enables a prompt response.

Conduct regular check-ins

Conduct check-ins to ensure user well-being and satisfy duty of care, fostering a culture of accountability. This promotes a supportive environment where individuals feel valued and safety is prioritised.

Communicate safety needs

Initiate direct encrypted messaging through the dashboard, facilitating secure and confidential communication between users. This ensures sensitive information remains protected from unauthorised access or interception.

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Seamlessly manage application users through one centralised control centre

Rapid onboarding process

Onboard 1,000 to 100,000 individuals with a fast and simple process. This streamlines user registration and verification steps, reducing administrative burden, and enabling efficient scaling of user accounts.

Manage users and incidents

Manage emergency incidents and individual user profiles. This enables administrators to efficiently allocate resources, assign tasks, and track the status of incidents while maintaining a comprehensive record of user interactions.

Automate response actions

Automate response workflows and streamline incident management processes. This reduces response times, minimises human error, and ensures consistent and efficient handling of emergencies.

Send communications en masse

Schedule and distribute regular updates and emergency notifications efficiently.  This notifies individual users, specific groups, or the entire user base through various communication channels such as SMS, email, and push notifications.

Designate high-risk areas

Designate high-risk zones across multiple locations and provide automatic notifications upon entry. This enhances situational awareness and enables proactive measures to mitigate against potential hazards.

Produce audits and statistical reports

Conduct audits to provide accurate data and highlight vulnerabilities in your organisation’s operations. This provides the tools for informed decision-making, continuous improvement, and proactive risk management.


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Our platform is designed to operate with a range of integrated software, API and devices

Unrestricted satellite connectivity

Satellite connectivity with integrated Iridium devices boosts connectivity, providing reliable communication capabilities in remote and isolated areas. This benefits locations where traditional network coverage is limited or unavailable.

Adaptive vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking enables comprehensive fleet tracking across vehicles, vessels, and aeroplanes. Ensure real-time visibility of locations and routes, whilst performance metrics can enhance operational efficiency and improve security.

Discreet bluetooth devices

Wearable bluetooth devices offer a discreet and convenient solution for raising panic alerts. These devices allow individuals to quickly and silently call for help in emergency situations by simply pressing a designated button.

Seamless and flexible integration

Our platform will integrate directly with existing solutions. This means we can provide a simple and fast upgrade to your legacy systems and procedures, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.