Aviation: Travelling Crew Safety

“With enhanced tracking, alert and communication features, the Locate Global platform aids us in achieving our duty of care responsibilities to our aircrew and simplifies risk management and travel safety for our travellers.’’

Head of Safety and Compliance

The Scenario

An international airline wanted to ensure their crew were safe, particularly those travelling internationally and to high-risk countries. A technology solution was needed to monitor travellers and provide individuals with travel risk information and traveller advice for the countries they were visiting.

Key Achievements

• Track user journeys
• Provide 360 duty of care
• Communicate directly through encrypted chat
• Highlight high-risk areas
• Provide travel risk summaries for over 225 countries


Industry: Aviation

Location: International

Number of Users: 10,000+

Outcome: Boost crew safety

How We Help Aviation Workers

Real-time Visibility

Coordinate Evacuations

Travel Risk Summaries

Manage Emergencies

How Locate Global helps

Thanks to the adoption of Locate Global, crew members have been provided with a bespoke mobile phone application, that directly links travelling individuals to monitoring teams. International journeys can be monitored in real-time, and users can access travel risk advice in over 225 countries across the globe.

In emergency situations, the app provides crew with an easy way to raise alerts, which simultaneously sends the user’s location and key information to the monitored dashboard and designated emergency contacts. In turn response teams can escalate incidents through predetermined channels, informing relevant stakeholders and dispatching emergency services if required.

This solution allows senior management to fulfil their duty of care requirements for travelling crew, and provide an effective response to all emergencies, allowing their mobile workforce to feel safe and secure – wherever they are in the world.


Benefits of the Locate Global platform

Simplify safety & increase resilience
Locate team members and track journeys to manage risk, quickly communicate critical information, and empower employees to report incidents immediately.

Real-time visibility
Manage all incidents and users easily from our central cloud-based dashboard.
Pinpoint accuracy and concise information helps you make critical decisions fast, no matter when or where the event occurs.

Act on critical events instantly
Look after your people with a smart response to any incident, anytime, anywhere. Helps to meet duty of care and maintain business continuity with tools to initiate the right response and communicate to the right people.

With enterprise-level solutions and security, our turnkey system can easily integrate into your healthcare organisations existing infrastructure.

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