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“Our engineers operate in various locations and at times they are unaided in hazardous environments. It’s vital that we’re able to provide ‘duty of care’ to all our staff when working alone for considerable periods of time. We now feel in control because we offer a solution enabling them to be confident with their tasks in hand.”

Mr Smith – Head of Risk and Compliance

The scenario

Engineers regularly work alone and due to the nature of their job, their safety is fundamental to their employer. This telecommunications provider needed a solution that enabled engineers to raise an alert when working in areas with low or no connectivity, or if they were physically unable.

Industry: Telecommunications

Location:Multiple remote locations

Outcome:An easy to use platform across multiple devices for field staff on the ground

How Locate Global helps

Through a mobile app and wearable device, Locate Global is used by this telecommunications company to track and monitor their employees’ day to day routine. It is used by its field engineers, maintenance staff and site managers on the ground during remote working.

Thanks to our mobile application, engineers can now easily raise an alert to notify their managers when entering potentially high risk or remote environments.

Benefits of the Locate Global platform

Working together with the cloud-based platform, our app turns an engineer’s smartphone into a personal safety device, with real-time GPS monitoring, video, audio and alert features. A wearable Bluetooth button puts safety at workers’ fingertips and removes the need to use the smartphone to activate an alert. Instead, emergency alerts can be sent at the push of a button discreetly.

If an engineer is incapacitated, for instance by a sudden fall, lack of movement or impact, this is detected by the Locate Global platform and an alert is raised automatically so that help can be arranged.

A custom timer allows remote workers to identify when they are going to a potentially dangerous zone with a poor connection. An alert is automatically raised once the timer runs out.

Engineers can also quickly capture hazard reports and distribute risk warnings to relevant stakeholders using Geo-stamp and time-based reporting capabilities.

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