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Locate Global and Intelligence Fusion Announce Partnership

Locate Global, an incident management and communications solution provider, and Intelligence Fusion, a leading threat intelligence data and software provider, are pleased to announce a partnership that delivers an enhanced capability for monitoring, tracking, communicating and assisting global users. This collaboration will enable businesses to manage critical events and visualise global risk and incident data all in one place.

The partnership incorporates Intelligence Fusion’s cutting-edge intelligence data feed into Locate Global’s incident management technology. With this integration, organisations can visualise their global workforce and emerging incidents in real time, aiding a more efficient response when critical events take place.

This new solution allows employers to manage risk and security concerns as they arise as well as access accurate incident data within a single platform. The data is collected, analysed, verified and disseminated, by experienced analytical experts. Offering businesses and organisations expanded visibility of their personnel and key locations, further enhancing their ability to mitigate risk and respond effectively to an incident.

By combining pinpoint accuracy and actionable intelligence data, the software can help businesses make faster decisions on critical alerts, no matter where or when an incident occurs, improving response times, and minimising disruptions to your operations, workforce and supply chains.

“Intelligence Fusion has partnered with Locate Global in order to provide a unified incident management platform. The integration of Intelligence Fusion’s data into the Locate platform offers greater situational awareness as well as timely alerts of new and emerging security threats across the globe.” – Michael McCabe, CEO of Intelligence Fusion

Intelligence Fusion helps organisations to better protect their people, assets and operations by providing actionable, accurate threat intelligence. The only threat intelligence provider to fuse datamining, crowdsourced intelligence and military-trained analysts, Intelligence Fusion provides a consistent feed of timely, reliable data that enables clients to better understand the global threat landscape and consequently make more-informed decisions.
Dedicated to the continued development of next generation business risk awareness, Intelligence Fusion has been developed with a focus on the speed, accuracy and depth of their data.

‘’Locate Global risk management technology is built on secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure to provide real-time threat detection, situational awareness and integrated response. Using our cloud-based software, and mobile application, Locate Global can locate team members and track journeys to manage risk, quickly communicate critical information and empower employees to send an SOS if faced with an emergency. Geo-smart targeting and innovative alerts allow a control team to track, protect and respond to incidents and emergency’s as they arise. This enables organisations to meet duty of care and maintain business continuity with tools to initiate the right response and communicate to the right people.’’ – Riz Omar, Chief Operating Officer

Intelligence Fusion was founded in 2014, initially providing global situational awareness through their first intelligence platform and since evolving into a software house, providing custom threat intelligence solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations and supporting other intelligence providers with API solutions. Intelligence Fusion’s 24/7 operations team, based in the UK, are military-trained analysts who collect, analyse and disseminate critical security threats to a client-base that spans across the globe.

Locate Global Limited is a Priavo Security Ltd subsidiary. Priavo Security was founded in 2011 and is a leading global security risk management company based in the UK. Locate Global provides cloud-based incident management solutions, which help organisations keep their people and operations safe. The team combines security know-how with the latest smart technology, developed to be as effective as it is intuitive.

Continued research and development has taken place to enhance and optimise Locate Global with new functionality and technology. In April 2020, Locate-Global was relaunched as a global incident management, communications, monitoring and response platform providing real-time threat detection and situational awareness technology, seamless multi-channel communication, peer-to-peer reporting and geo-smart capabilities providing accurate and concise information, allowing you to make critical decisions within moments of an event occurring.

If you or your organisation is interested in our technology and how it can support your operations, please visit www.locate.global for more information or call +44 (0) 208 057 6402 to book a free demo.

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