The Digital Revolution of Internal Communication

Clear communication, teamwork, and transparency are important to your company’s success. 

Clear communication, teamwork, and transparency are important to your company’s success. Current challenges have accelerated the digital revolution across internal communications:

Empowering Employees with the tools, technologies and resources needed will continue to gain momentum, especially for businesses trying to rebuild operations.

Operational Communication is an increasing requirement. Unlike organizational communications which are broadcast-oriented and focused on enterprise-wide scenarios, operational communications work across a specific span of business activities and involve more group and peer-to-peer two-way interaction.

Focus on Efficiency. As executive teams work overtime to increase revenue, reduce costs and offset any losses incurred in 2020, improving efficiency will be a primary goal for internal communicators in 2021. With remote working – and as teams become more dispersed – leaders need to be direct and transparent in their communication to keep the workforce aligned and engaged.

Digital transformation has changed. A year ago, it was a good business strategy to remain competitive. Today, companies need digital tools to survive. In 2021, companies across all industries will fast-track digital transformation. From internal communications to operational processes, technology will create greater efficiency, leaner operations, increased collaboration and productivity, and build resilience.

The locate Global platform allows employers to have real-time communication with employees for evolving updates – providing rapid response to disruption. Our peer-to-peer reporting features enable direct insight into day-to-day operations aiding management in decision making, and ensuring employees are given the means to communicate issues. To book a demo visit www.locate-global/live-demo.