Establishing Culture Change in Business

Following on from our article last week, ‘restarting the supply chain’, we have outlined six aspects of the value chain that organisations should pay particular attention to, both internally and externally, to ensure alignment before reopening.

In fast-moving global markets, culture is your biggest sustainable advantage. It determines how fast your business can flex, how hard you can drive toward a collective goal, and how effectively you empower your people. Cultural inclinations are often well entrenched, for good or bad, and when change is introduced it can often be met with mixed results. However, by drawing on positive aspects of your company culture and turning them to your advantage, implementing change is far easier.

While there is a lot of information out there for leaders on how to implement change, we have provided insight on how to ensure a change process functions smoothly:

1. Make the case for change.
Communicate to employees what the change is, why it is happening and how it will benefit them. Receiving this information shows company logic and provides transparency.

2. Resistance to change is normal.
Listen to your workforce to understand the barriers to acceptance, then implement or address these issues respectively.

3. Test with a pilot.
This ensures that the kinks can be worked out prior to a companywide rollout. If there are issues, make adjustments or find solutions prior to moving forward.

4. Early adopters can be champions.
Leverage the commitment, excitement and buy-in of those who are part of the pilot or who have bought into the new changes. Have them communicate the benefits and answer questions for those still yet to be convinced.

5. Change the behaviour of the end-users.
Until employees accept the change as part of their normal routine, it is not achieved. Continue to ensure employees establish and put into practice the required actions.

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