Full end-to-end solution for personal safety in Education
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Keeping Students and Staff Safe

The Locate Global smartphone app provides a direct connection to an educational establishments security response team, so that any user can easily communicate their safety needs. Packed with easy to use features, it helps students, studying or living on site, as well as campus staff and security personnel to stay safe throughout their day.

The app also enables the administration team to gather crowd sourced intelligence, increasing situational awareness across the different campuses. All data is encrypted in transit using secure protocols.

Benefits of the Locate Global platform

Through our platform, educational establishments can create zones to automatically warn students via the app when they have entered a potentially dangerous area, preventing incidents. The peer-to-peer journey features also allow students to virtually walk their friends (or other contacts) to a destination by monitoring their location on a real-time map. Users can also easily add emergency contacts depending on their location or the time of day.

Real-time Intelligence

Our platform allows Geo-tagged reports with text and photographic evidence attached, enabling real-time intelligence of safety concerns or incidents across the entire locations.

In the event of a serious incident, such as an active shooter on campus, a university, college or school can use the cloud-based dashboard to easily send mass communications out to its thousands of students via SMS, push notifications or email.

What this means

Global workforce visibility

Locate users, identify emergency events and initiate critical tasks instantly

Multi-channel communications

Create and disseminate routine or emergency communications easily

Engineered simplicity

The latest GPS technology combined with a straightforward user interface

Fast alert

Monitor users and alert stakeholders of any incident, anywhere in real time

Powerful dashboard

Manage all incidents and users from our central cloud-based dashboard

Geo-smart targeting

Define areas and communicate to users in different geographical zones

Peer to peer reporting

Time and geo-stamped details help you act on non-urgent issues

Detailed user profiles

Access to the information about your people, when you need it most

Rich APIs

Flexibility to integrate and synchronize with your data and systems

Scalable infrastructure

Ready to expand with the growing demands or your organization

Statistical Analysis

Comprehensive user behavior data, so you know exactly who is using the platform and how.

Incident audits

Conduct detailed post incident analysis and improve your incident response

Our solutions

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