What should you consider when implementing a crisis communication strategy?

Ensuring suitable crisis communication within your organisation can keep your employees informed and protected. Below are some tips to consider when implementing your strategy.

1. Create a crisis management plan and identify all possible situations.
2. Appoint a crisis communication team fully trained in crisis management.
3. Develop good communication skills among your employees.
4. Align your crisis communication plan to significant stakeholders.
5. Test measures to ensure your business is proficiently able to deal with situations.
6. Segment audiences and adjust communication to them, ensuring the right messages reach the right people.
7. Ensure messages remain relevant and informative.
8. Implement two-way crisis communication to aid visibility.
9. Communicate in real-time using the correct communication channels.
10. Give special consideration to remote employees with alternative lines of communication.
11. Ensure your messages are accurate and consistent, to reduce the risk of misinformation.
12. Monitor communication and employee’s behaviour and react in a timely manner.
13. Perform a post-crisis analysis and learn from vulnerabilities that have been exposed.

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