Security News Update 25/01/21

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This weeks top security news alerts:

North Sikkim: Chinese and Indian troops have clashed in Naku La over border disputes.
The incident took place on 20th January. A Chinese patrol tried to enter Indian territory and was forced back, the officials said. Both sides saw injuries, with some reports suggesting sticks and stones were used, but no gunshots. Tensions are high along the world’s longest disputed border where both sides claim large areas of territory.

Lebanon: Anti-government demonstrations and strikes are likely to continue nationwide through February.
Despite widespread protests and unrest over the course of the past year, Lebanese political parties have been seemingly unable to form a new government to address the country’s myriad challenges. The ongoing political deadlock has further delayed long-awaited reforms and exacerbated the country’s political and economic crisis, increasing the potential for civil unrest.

Holland: Riots against newly imposed coronavirus restrictions are ongoing and have been condemned.
Rioters attacked police and set cars and bikes on fire to protest against a curfew introduced on Saturday. In the southern city of Eindhoven, protesters threw fireworks, looted supermarkets and smashed shop windows. There were smaller protests in Amsterdam, and in some cities and towns around the country. More than 200 people have been detained, and the Prime minister has condemned them as criminal acts.

Isreal: Further protests against lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions are likely until the end of Jan.
Demonstrations in opposition to the nationwide lockdown and restrictions related to coronavirus disease remain likely through January following recent clashes. In Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv, protesters clashed with security forces late Jan. 24, setting ablaze several vehicles and blocking roads. In Jerusalem, protesters vandalized the Shivtei Yisrael light rail station and smashed windows of train cars.

Nepal: Rallies protesting the dissolution of parliament are planned through early February.
Protests by various civil and political groups denouncing the dissolution of parliament will continue across Nepal through at least early February. A faction of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) plans to hold protests across Nepal from Jan. 26. Additional demonstrations by other groups such as civil activists, opposition parties, and royalist outfits demanding the return of the Hindu monarchy in place of the current government are likely in the coming weeks.

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