Global workforce visibility

Know where all your people are at any given moment so you can manage incidents effectively
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See, understand and react

Visualize your entire global workforce and incidents in one place. With the Locate Global platform, you can quickly locate users, identify emergency events and initiate critical tasks instantly. Only this level of data gives you the context you need to understand the scale of the problem and react appropriately.

Knowing where all your people are at any given moment helps you manage incidents more effectively. With an instant understanding of who may be impacted by an incident in a certain location, you can ensure communications are sent out quickly, and any actions needed are taken fast. No time is wasted trying to ascertain who might be affected.

Full visibility of where your workforce can also play a significant role in helping to prevent problems from arising or escalating. Use location data to identify employees who may be in a vulnerable situation and coordinate an appropriate response, even before an alert has been raised.

Visible benefits

Knowledge is power when it comes to keeping people safe or assisting them in the event of an emergency. That’s why our cloud-based solution delivers 360-degree visibility of all your users and incidents in one place – your powerful dashboard.

The solution is adaptable to your global operations and can show the location of your employees anywhere in the world. Monitor and coordinate critical events in real-time, benefit from faster recovery after disruptive incidents and define incident zones and boundaries around significant events so that you can quickly communicate to those who are affected.

Help avoid incidents by using the platform to initiate employee safety check-ins and ensure an appropriate response is initiated based on data.