Healthcare Lone Worker Safety Solution

“The app has been life changing for our operations and business. Thanks to this responsive platform, we can track our staff when traveling to multiple patient locations and respond when automatic alerts are received in real time.”

Program Director

The scenario

A global healthcare provider wanted to ensure their remote clinical staff were safe at work, particularly those vulnerable to violence from the general public.  A technology solution was needed to create a safer working environment and help protect doctors and nurses on home visits, as well as community mental health workers, outreach workers, patient transport services, caseworkers, occupational therapists and on-premises security workers.

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Multiple remote locations

Outcome: Increased lone worker safety and satisfaction

How Locate Global helps

Thanks to the adoption of Locate Global, clinicians, outreach and auxiliary practitioners are now able to communicate with their co-workers and corporate security teams, who in turn can monitor individuals in real-time through our cloud-based dashboard.

Our app instantly provides healthcare workers with a way to raise an alert when needed. This allows organizations to be proactive in preventing incidents, as well as managing them. Engagement and employee satisfaction has helped increase productivity and safety across the hospital.


Benefits of the Locate Global platform

With the app, personnel can set a custom timer that alerts emergency contacts or corporate security teams after a designated duration to help flag potential incidents.

The Locate Global platform makes it possible to instantly send Geo-stamped and time-based reports with photographic evidence of potential issues that could occur.

As a healthcare employer, Locate Global gives you the ability to send mass notifications to your employees, or target vital communications to specific groups or locations. Automatic alerts on entering certain zones are also possible.

With enterprise level solutions and security, our turnkey system can easily integrate into your healthcare organisations existing infrastructure.

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