Exploring tech integrations within safety platforms

At Locate Global our cloud-based platform’s eco-system is built around world-class software and offers boundless possibilities for integration and synchronisation with third-party data, devices, and systems.

At Locate Global our cloud-based platform’s eco-system is built around world-class software and offers boundless possibilities for integration and synchronisation with third-party data, devices, and systems. This gives the flexibility to deliver specific functions that your business really needs.

In many cases tech integrations have been shown to not only support safety but, in the case of legacy systems, also prove more cost-effective and less disruptive than implementing entirely new solutions. We build, customise, and deliver bespoke solutions tailormade to suit your organisation and support your workforce. Here are just a few examples of how you could customize your experience.

1. Bluetooth and other wearables: Flic, EELink, Teltonika, Meitrack, and TWIG
Wearable technology has an increasing presence across multiple industries as it demonstrates its potential to promote health, safety, connectivity, productivity, and accuracy. Wearable technology can enhance safety solutions in many ways including:

• Monitoring employees’ movements, raising the alarm if the device changes elevation quickly, indicating a fall.
• Monitor employees’ locations.
• To detect vibration; used to monitor the ramifications to the body from using heavy equipment.
• Monitor biometrics, such as fatigue, heart rate and stress.
• To provide a discreet method of raising alerts in emergency situations.

2. Fleet and vehicle tracking: Concox, ATrack and Galileosky
Fleet vehicle tracking can offer numerous benefits to management teams. The data can help minimise fuel consumption, improve route efficiency, and ensure better customer service. Vehicle tracking technology can provide:

• Efficient map and route planning.
• In-depth data analysis to discover any maintenance and repair schedules.
• Detailed analytics to highlight issues of speeding, idling or poor driving performance.
• Notification alerts for customers and employees.
• Monitor specific jobs and driver routes.
• Ensure working hours are adhered to and not under or over working hours.

3. Satellite Devices: Iridium, Rock7 and Garmin
Satellite devices provide critical lines of communication when ordinary phones won’t work. It’s an ideal solution for lone workers who travel to remote areas where mobile signals may be weak, intermittent, or non-existent.

4. Threat Intelligence Platforms: Intelligence Fusion and Mytravelrisk
Threat intelligence platforms can integrate directly with safety monitoring solutions, feeding real-time threat intelligence directly into the platform. Organisations can use these to monitor developing situations across the globe, assess the risks when sending employees abroad, and monitor extreme weather conditions that may impact their workforce.

5. GPS and Location Services: what3words
Sometimes emergency situations require a location in more detail, for example, if an address is not available. what3words has divided the globe into 3m squares and given each one a unique 3-word address. It means everywhere can be located with just three words.

6. Mobile Operating Systems: Windows, Blackberry, Android and Apple IOS
Mobile phones are increasingly varied, with new and different operating systems emerging. Currently Locate Global is available on all mobile operating systems including IOS, Android, Windows and on BlackBerry.

7. Communication: Twilio
In emergency situations clear communication across multiple channels is critical. Best-in-class communications APIs enable the send and receive of SMS, WhatsApp, chat messages and email. They can also provide the means to create and embed video and build verified voice solutions with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), recording transcriptions, and speech recognition.

8. Emergency Response: Intrado
When responding to an emergency speed and reliability is of the essence. Integrations that enhance these response capabilities, therefore, are critical. By partnering with emergency service providers tech platforms are able to escalate emergency situations through response teams, automated response units and public safety and government agencies across the globe.

Whether looking to establish lone worker monitoring or ensure the safety of travelling healthcare workers, organizations across the globe trust our technology to keep their people safe.

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