Employee Monitoring Solutions: Best Practice

As technology continues to get more sophisticated, concerns over privacy in the workplace continue to rise. Post-pandemic the adoption of employee monitoring solutions is on the rise, but in an age where employees use their personal devices for work, how far is too far when it comes to monitoring employee locations?

Employers often have several reasons for monitoring employees in the workplace. They may want to track to increase productivity, ensure employees are working, protect confidential information, or help create an accountable environment that dissuades events like harassment, theft, and data breaches. However a more valuable approach to employee monitoring is with regards to emergency response – location-based solutions can drastically aid response teams in locating incidents and provide valuable visibility into daily operations – satisfying both ‘duty of care’ and employee wellbeing considerations.

The laws and rules surrounding employee monitoring can be a little blurry. As an employer, you have the right to track employee locations whilst they are on the clock. In terms of increasing workforce safety and providing the employer visibility into day-to-day routine’s, monitoring is invaluable for workers that are often isolated, or within high-risk areas.

Employees will have a reasonable expectation that their location remains private when they are not on the clock unless otherwise agreed before the employee accepted the job.

So, to satisfy the laws and expectations around location tracking on personal devices, how do employers ensure that they are doing all they can to protect themselves and their employees whilst ensuring the privacy of their employees?

At Locate global, our solution only tracks employee visibility once permission has been given in-app. Our cloud-based platform monitors employees in real-time providing accurate locations and providing only the live information employers need in order to respond appropriately to emerging incidents or ensure their employee’s safety.

The Locate Global app:

• Asks for permission to track location upon download
• Provides a location and real-time monitoring once users log in and allow permission
• Gives employees fully customisable tracking for individual preference
• Highlights incidents, hazards, and geo-fenced high-risk areas
• Monitors employees when travelling, through meetings and in day-to-day routines
• Provides the means to raise alerts should emergencies occur
• Aids non-emergency reporting across operations
• User data is stored securely in one central location
• Individual profiles are fully GDPR compliant and tailored to company standards

Employers looking to monitor employee locations from devices like smartphones have a lot to consider when it comes to privacy. However, to improve workforce safety often the benefits outweigh the negatives. Employers should develop clear policies regarding employee monitoring so that both the employer and employees understand the expectations each party holds.

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