Charities and Non-Profit's: Volunteer safety

“Humanitarian workers manage projects in areas affected by war, natural disasters, and other complex societal problems. Injuries from accidents and violence are risks, and with the locate global application we can protect and educate our workers so they can focus on helping those in need.’’

Staff Safety Officer

The Scenario

A UK-based aid charity working internationally in disaster zones across the globe wanted to ensure the safety of its workforce and volunteers. Locate Global provided a white-labelled risk portal with specific reports highlighting relevant safety information and security advice for high-risk destinations and disaster zones. Traveller tracking (following pre-determined check-in schedules) through the locate app ensured 24/7 monitoring and the means to escalate incidents as they occur. In addition, we provided volunteer safety training and 1-1 destination briefing – monitoring significant changes within the country of travel and reporting on emerging incidents.

Key Achievements

• Monitor the status and location of multiple teams across international territories
• Alerts ensure escalation and warning to key stakeholders in emergencies
• Risk reports provide insight into destinations for travelling individuals
• Generate risk maps to identify dangerous areas that require further mitigation
• Mass communications to inform staff of situational updates


Industry: Charities and Non-profit

Location: UK and Global

Number of Users: 6,000+

Outcome: Safer aid workers

How We Help

Support Aid Missions

International Visibility

Monitor movements

Highlight hazards

Manage emergencies

Coordinate Ground Teams

How Locate Global helps

Humanitarian workers and international aid groups provide essential relief services to those of us that are most vulnerable across the globe. The locate global app is helping protect those workers, giving them confidence in potentially volatile situations and environments.

The Locate Global platform is accurately monitoring teams across the globe, providing an additional layer of protection and ensuring that in an emergency, response teams can effectively dispatch people to the right place, at the right time.

With a large workforce that may be dispersed to multiple locations, often internationally, effective communication is one of your best tools for managing risk and dealing with any crisis that occurs.

For instance, if you have team members undertaking contentious activities or working in politically unstable locations, the Locate Global platform enables you to communicate important information or instructions to your people, to help keep them safe.

Additionally, the platforms geofencing technology allows monitoring teams to highlight high-risk areas for aid workers to avoid should it be necessary, working in tandem with a reporting feature that provides teams on the ground themselves to report hazards and non-emergency incidents.


Benefits of the Locate Global platform

Simplify safety & increase resilience
Locate team members and track journeys to manage risk, quickly communicate critical information, and empower employees to report incidents immediately.

Real-time visibility
Manage all incidents and users easily from our central cloud-based dashboard.
Pinpoint accuracy and concise information helps you make critical decisions fast, no matter when or where the event occurs.

Act on critical events instantly
Look after your people with a smart response to any incident, anytime, anywhere. Helps to meet duty of care and maintain business continuity with tools to initiate the right response and communicate to the right people.

With enterprise-level solutions and security, our turnkey system can easily integrate into your organisation’s existing infrastructure.

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