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We are supporting our clients to ensure they have a flexible and robust response during the ongoing global outbreak

As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak evolves the rules on international travel are in a constant state of flux.

As it currently stands, Locate Global have resources on the ground across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America that can be rapidly deployed. We still have access to sanitised and isolated travel through private jet charter and ground transportation with availability to assist customers globally.

We are currently helping clients with safe asset transfers and the provision of security teams for residential and commercial properties that are now lying empty for the foreseeable future. We are supporting organisations with secure home working practises and emergency communications strategies.

We are advising companies that have not felt the brunt of the crisis just yet to use this opportunity to develop preparations and understand the impact going forward. Our advice would be to: 

  • Establish a monitoring capability internally and externally 
  • Start planning what’s best for your workforce and critical for your business 
  • Consider realistic and varied scenarios and define triggers and escalation points 
  • Approach decision making against genuine business impacts and not fear

We are supporting our clients to ensure they have a flexible and robust response during the ongoing global outbreak, reviewing and updating business continuity plans where relevant. 

Importantly we can support your ability to continue to do business and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.  Specialist services designed to support companies, your people, and critical assets include: 

  • Deploying protection teams to safeguard critical assets, supply chains or people due to reduced operations or political instability. 
  • Enhanced monitoring service that is tailored to our clients and areas of operations, providing updates on developments and utilising a global network of resources and experts. 
  • Assisting with quick response evacuations,  alternative plans and private sanitised travel through our ground transportation network and air charter partner.   
  • Scenario planning and strategy development, helping management teams to project how specific scenarios will impact their people and company going forward. 

Please reach out to us directly if we can help facilitate business continuity, alternative travel plans or evacuations.

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