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The cloud-based platform to locate, communicate and respond.
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Global Incident Management Solution

How it works

Locate: Simplify safety and increase resilience


Simplify safety & increase resilience

Do business safely, anywhere in the world with technology you can rely on.
Locate team members and track journeys to manage risk, quickly communicate critical information, and empower employees to send an SOS simply.

Monitor: Real-time global visibility


Real-time global visibility

Manage all incidents and users easily from our central cloud-based dashboard.
Pinpoint accuracy and concise information helps you make critical decisions fast, no matter when or where the event occurs.

Respond: Act on critical events instantly


Act on critical events instantly

Look after your people with a smart response to any incident, anytime, anywhere.
Helps to meet duty of care and maintain business continuity with tools to initiate the right response and communicate to the right people.

Connecting people when it counts


Locate. Monitor. Respond. Protect.

In a world with an increasingly globalized marketplace and growing mobile workforce, its essential for organizations to implement new ways to keep their employees safe.

For compliance, duty of care, business continuity, and, above all else, safety. Employers need reliable ways to locate and communicate with their valued workforce, and systems that allow them to respond quickly and appropriately if an incident or emergency occurs.


Locate Connect

Locate. Monitor. Respond. One solution. One goal.

In direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When operations are impacted by significant events or crises, efficient communications with your employees is essential. Regardless of where they are in the world, your communications need to be fast, reliable and consistent. That’s where the Locate Connect crisis communications platform can help.

Who we help

Organizations across the globe trust our technology and incident management solutions to keep their people, and their operations, safe. Wherever the risk lies – serious security events, political unrest or even a force majeure – our platform is here to help you.

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